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The weather here has changed quickly, from nice very late summer days where the sun was still warm enough to sit out in, into cold days and nights. The beauty of nature is hitting us in the face everywhere you look. The leaves on the autumnal change are field-mapleabsolutely gorgeous. I love taking photos and all the ones I put on this site are taken locally. The last couple of weeks, I’ve been clicking photos every time I go outside, I love it!

holly-treeHawthorn hedges laden with berries, Holly trees covered in berries, if nature was telling us something, it would be saying we are in for cold winter, and the berries are there to feed the birds in readiness of the impending chill.

Field Maple trees have shone with their bright yellow leaves, the Beech with their fiery copper shades, Hydrangeas with their deep reds, and the red leaves of the Rhus tree always look stunning against clear blue skies. The colours are ahydrangeabsolutely fabulous, and if you take your time to look, there is virtually every shade you can imagine out there in nature, truly stunning. Fuchsia late red and purple exotic looking flowers add a delicacy to the otherwise dying back garden; as does the Sedum, and Verbena.fuchsiaWe still have roses flowering and producing new buds. The ground is a carpet of leaves in the most beautiful golden palette of colour, from the Sycamore, Cherry, Beech. The Crab apples are still

DSC01299on the tree, rose hips are huge on the rosa rugosa bushes; I could fill the page with photos, but will pick only a few, and hope you enjoy them too!

Take a look outside, before the colour spectacle has gone . . .  until next year!