Welcome to the site, Mind Body PLUS Me!

I hope you will enjoy reading my muses and sometimes the occasional rant on things that inspire and effect my life. There will be quite a wide variety of topics on page and posts, with a heavy influence on Holistic Health and what that encompasses.

Having been an Holistic Practitioner for over 30 years, I would like to use this site to share some of the knowledge I have with anyone who is on a quest to find their own better holistic health. I have used multi disciplines in treatments and diagnosis, some aspects of which will also be shared. My body like everyones is unique and I do have some peculiarities that ┬áneed special attention, again I hope my approach and experiences will give advice, help, hope and inspiration if it hits a cord with something you are dealing with in your life, and hopefully at a time when it’s needed most.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to see if I can offer you any advice. I am happy to help whenever I can, or offer you an alternative avenue should I feel it appropriate.

This site is an expression of things that bring a change to my mindset, be it something in nature, or within the many topics I live my life by. But, please remember these are my experiences, ones I have taken for my own reasons. The articles and opinions I express are just that, my humble opinions. Any condition you have, should always be checked out by a medical practitioner or doctor, and I accept no responsibility for anything you decide to do for yourself. And please ask if you wish to use anything from my site to use on yours or to forward on, permission is not granted unless I give it!

I hope you enjoy browsing the pages and posts, and I would like to thank you for taking the time to check it out!