Holistic Health means you have to accept all aspects of our mental states, from happy to sad, angry to elated, depressed to ecstatic; they are all important states of being and play an essential role in our overall health.

Some people find it very difficult to connect with parts of their characters, and as such often deny themselves the freedom to explore who they are. They suppress thoughts and inner feelings which in turn can start to limit their lives and lifestyle.

The obvious ones are phobias. Whilst some are mild and make us wary of certain things, others have such compulsive reactions to situations or items, it can govern their lives. We also live with many ‘expectations’ of how we should and shouldn’t behave, and even think. We are creatures that live in close proximity to others so there has to be a code of conduct that is socially acceptable, but within that there, in my humble opinion, there should be phenomenal scope to be the person you want to be. We are fortunate in the West, in comparison to some nations, to have the freedom of thought and to an extent expression. We do need to appreciate the reasons we have our state of social etiquette as it is today, it was hard fought for and in today’s world is in some ways very under threat.

But keeping politics and religion out of the equation, looking more inwardly into our own lives and beings, let’s keep it simple. What we do on a daily basis, we breathe, we eat, we work, we communicate, we share, we exercise, we sleep. All of those aspects have polarity, a yin and yang principle to them. We can breathe healthily or not, we can eat healthily or chose to eat junk refined, nutritionally void ‘foods’; we can work well or not, be humble and articulate in our communication whilst expressing character and strength with respect, or be rude, aggressive, arrogant – you understand what I’m saying. These are down to us, we have the choice to a greater degree.

Every thought, expression and action has a reaction. Positive thinking is more creative and leads to a flow that otherwise would not happen. Negativity draws on negativity, and intact many say, it attracts negativity. If you walking around with a deep frown etched into your brow, not only will you be perceived by others as one who is not in a good place, and best be avoided, you will be met with more defensive attitude from those around you. Your body will take on the affect of ‘anger’, the tension will manifest in the muscles and develop into tightness, aches, stiffness – all of these create a negative flow within the body. The energy of life that circulates around our bodies becomes blocked and stagnant. Looking at a body holistically, that flow would need to be restored to become a balanced healthy happy person.

There are many depths to this principle but for now, have a think and if you feel you are becoming a manifestation of how you are feeling in a negative way, headaches, tension, stress, anger issues, lack of proper sleep, see if there is a simple ‘opposite’ you can introduce into your life. It will start to have a reaction, and bit by bit it will readdress the imbalance within. Find something to read, watch, listen to that makes you laugh if your day is particularly stressful and serious. Go for a brisk 10 minute walk, or go up and down the stairs a few times, to get that body pumping if your normal day is sat at a desk all day, or very sedentary. Stretch our your body when you’ve been sat awhile, just stretch up those arms, flex that spine, bend over and let your body dangle head down for a few seconds, get the pressure through the spine to work with gravity and give your brain an energy boost. So many simple things we forget to implement that cost nothing but collectively make a huge difference to our health or mind and body.

Think positive, be positive, speak positively for a whole day and see what you think . . . it won’t be as easy as you think!

To be mindful of what governs our moods, our bodies, our days and our lives is to be forewarned, and empowers you to be able to make the changes that will ultimately make life a whole lot easier, striving for that balance of an holistic healthy life we all deserve.