National Mental Health Day

Today is the national day when we address Mental Health issues. To limit this to one day I think is futile because as I’ve said many times, our mental health can change so quickly. One day we are fine and flowing well, the next we can experience something or our grip on the mental balance we have, slips and our mental health hits a low. It is a fluid state of who we are. For most people it remains within a health scale of balance, for other people the balance can be a bit more of a yoyo, and it does take some coping with.

Either way, our mental health is precious and needs to be treated with great love, care and understanding. Give it respect, space, acceptance and enough time of calm for it to process the data it constantly receives. It is a beautiful facet of who we are as individuals and varies as much as our physical bodies do. Be mindful, literally, of how your mental health state is, honesty is the best policy to adopt, because the mind is with you for every second and every breath of your body. We know much about the scientific workings of our brains and minds, but the vast majority of it and its abilities are out of reach of scientific assessment. That doesn’t make it not real, nor important, to me it means the opposite, it’s the hidden elements of what makes us, us. There are hidden abilities that intuition and instinct tap into, it’s fascinating don’t you think?!

If you have a bruise, a cut, a broken limb you automatically get sympathy and consideration because they are visible. So someone with a broken leg set in plaster is given special consideration for the duration of the plaster, and even after, the rehabilitation time is all given acceptance and understanding. Mental health is invisible to the naked eye, so someone’s mental state cannot be seen. If a person paints on a facade, a smile and jovial persona, why would you assume or even consider how they really are. People who suffer from fluctuating mental wellness, are often masters of disguise, often to their detriment. Mental health is better thought of today than in years gone by, but still it is not easy for some people to express they are struggling mentally. It is not expected to be the case, we are expected to be mentally strong all the time, irrespective of how we live our lives and bombard our consciousness with imagery, data etc. It is precious, it is delicate and it can be damaged and bruised, we just can’t outwardly see the injuries.

Take a moment to assess your own mental health, and then think about family, friends, people around you, and just spend a few minutes thinking what they’ve been through and see if you can see a veil of disguise as to how they are coping. Whether their persona has changed but until you stop and think, you haven’t really noticed. Most of us, at some stage struggle and a sympathetic ear of someone willing to spend a little time focused on you, can be the best and biggest remedy out there. That offering of help, listening, sharing can lift a ton weight off someones shoulders, and to endorse we all struggle at times means that it’s not a stage of failure. We cannot be strong all the time, but we can attain a safe zone of balance which encompasses ups and downs – levels we know we can cope with by using either time out, breathing techniques, counselling, chilling out, de-stressing, supplementation, and many other natural mediums. People perceive weakness in many forms, but our mental health does dictate our quality of life to a great degree, so it is as important to keep healthy as our physical wellness is.

All our mental states are real, so if the mental state is in a bad, negative way it is important to recognise it and find ways to help balance it into a more positive vibe to achieve optimum holistic health.