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MegI love dogs and have always had dogs around me through my life. One in particular, a black Labrador, was like the child I never had. We had an extra ordinary connection, and she was exceptional in everyway. She sadly left us when she was 14 ½ years old, having put up a strong and valiant fight to stay with us longer. If I could have given her new legs, she would probably still be with us, well, no not really, she would have been coming up 18 years old! One of the amazing things I noticed about her, was she rarely looked me in the eye; it was always at my third eye point, (between my eyebrows on the forehead). She would gaze adoringly at me, and seemed to connect with something that captivated her, and made her bond deeply with me. We shared daily adventures together, some of the best walks I’ve ever had, and some of the specialist downtime together, just her and me; absolutely loved her to bits and still do several years on . . .

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