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Hummingbird Hawk Moth
This is the first summer I have not seen this stunning moth in our garden on the Red Valerian which we have in clumps all over the garden. We have been invaded by rabbits this year, the adults seem to bring in their young and leave them in our garden like using a creche! Consequently, they have devoured many of the plants, red valerian being a particular favourite. So I’m not sure why we haven’t seen these moths, we have still got a lot of the red valerian, but it has been slightly out of synch this summer, so maybe the flowers were not available at the right time of July.

I remember years ago seeing this Hawk-Moth for the first time and was convinced I’d seen a Hummingbird! I have been to Canada and seen Humming Birds there, so seeing these Moths always remind me of British Colombia and the Rockies!

Nature is full of breath taking beautiful things, this little soul is one such gem.