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We are made aware in every newspaper we read, every news bulletin we watch on the TV that the world and therefore us, are facing hardship and destruction. It is often a depressing snapshot of the world as a whole. The sad thing is that the vast majority of imbalances we face are manmade, in the environment, with our health and society.

To me, for as long as time has been recorded, earth has evolved. The climate has constantly changed, from the eras of the prehistoric dinosaurs, cavemen, Bronze and Iron Age to date. We have had eras of geographical changes due to the Earth flexing its muscles and fracturing land mass, and being covered in glacial ice. We are still discovering much of our planets evolution. Global warming I believe is part of the constant cycle of the Earth evolving. I do think we should be far more mindful of how we treat the Earth without doubt; take responsibility and become far less of a scar on the plants surface and be responsible for what we are doing.

It takes time for changes to evolve and be adapted to. We have flown through so many developments in the last twenty years, never mind the last 100 years, and it is too soon for many of the health implications of these changes be fully assessed. Think about our technological development over the past 30 years alone. It has been nothing short of staggering. Our lives are unrecognisable to those of my grandparents’ time, even to my parents’ youth; but there will be costs to our human psyche because of it. All the electrical technologies that dominate our lives and world, Wi-fi connections virtually everywhere, and many other electronic pulses bombarded our atmosphere every second of every day. Whilst being amazingly convenient and helpful to the way we live our lives now, it is destroying the natural energy forces that affect our wellbeing. With these ‘pulse waves’ being something we can neither see nor touch, ignorance gives the façade that our atmosphere is pure and clean. Satellites surround our planet with billions and billions of signals bouncing back and forth, with a cellular charge, that must, no matter how you look at it, must make our energy fields different to those of the pre digital world. I am not suggesting we unlearn our technical developments, and go back to sending messages by pigeon, but we do need to acknowledge the potential weakening effect the world today poses to our own body energy fields, those that make us healthy human beings. It also affects everything else that lives in our atmosphere too, plant and animal alike, and it potentially affects the cycle of Mother Nature.

Someone once said, ‘We are the only species on Earth who believe in a God, yet we are the only species on Earth that lives as if there is none’. I agree with that wholeheartedly, I do have issues with us as a species; we destroy, kill, harm, and ruin each other and this fabulous planet with an arrogance not seen in any other species. We are ruled by some very strange ethics, but these are often disguised in the names of religion, politics, and greed. I don’t believe there is a religion on earth that advocates violence and hatred to the scale we see today, nor have seen in the past. All religions were written by human hand at some point in history, and from history we know how those words were altered to suit the Ruler of the day, sometimes many times over to how they appear today. Conflicts and abuse under the banners of religion and culture should be a thing of the past.

Everything in life is open to extremism, and fanatics, it is sad but true. Nearly every aspect of life has an element of extremism infiltrated in it. Diet – you can’t beat a natural wholesome diet, yet every week we read of an extreme type of diet. Diets tweaked to create money, sometimes with little health benefit to be gained and usually not sustainable. Kundalini Yoga is the mother yoga, an art form and lifestyle discipline; aspects of it have been exaggerated and diluted to give us the diversity of yoga available today. Don’t get me wrong, exercise is generally good, particularly stretching based ones, but sometimes the dilution of the discipline creates imbalance. Therapies also, once you had to study to know your subject in depth, then if you qualified you had to be mentored before you could practice your discipline. Now you can do a weekend course as a complete novice and afterwards call yourself a practitioner; without any knowledge of how the body works. No meaningful knowledge of anatomy and physiology, no true time spent to study the art of the therapy, and no mentoring to assess your suitability to the profession. I find it is frightening people are putting their health and wellbeing into the hands of these dilutely-trained ‘therapists’.

We no longer put the emphasis on what I think are the key issues to sustain health and wellbeing. We do not eat for nutritional need or value, we want food now, we eat it fast, we keep on the move. We do not exercise our bodies or minds as a priority to live well, and to heal. We are detached from our intuition which has kept our species alive to date. We are becoming more robotic as the world around us becomes more technically developed. Everything is done with speed and detachment. We are beginning to treat health in a similar manner, pop a pill to kill the pain, we eat to feel full, we spend hours looking at devices that weaken our health force. We are surrounded by electronic fields that jar with our own natural flow of energy. We expect everything now, and take short cuts to save time and try to achieve the unachievable. We have stopped living by the natural flow of energy, by the flow of nature.

On a grander scale, you look at the poverty and horrendous lives some people suffer daily around the world, yet within the same country there is wealth. There is so much going on in the world that could influence your inner thoughts on a daily basis, which in turn, can create imbalances within us. It does take some dedication to keep your mind, psyche and projection in a positive optimistic way. Some people are completely ignorant of the world outside their immediate circle, and maybe they are right to do so. Because once you broaden your horizons, it is a balancing act to not become judgemental in what you see. It takes strength to stick to your core beliefs and you are fortunate if you can live your life by those beliefs.

As a general overview, as human beings, we seem to be altering the face of the planet and the atmosphere around it, at the fastest pace since our existence. I think a time will come when the speed at which these changes have happened, will manifest itself in our bodies and our health. Our bodies are having to cope with more external influences on a daily basis than has ever been the case before. We feed our bodies foods that have never existed before, our homes are environments we have not experienced before, our pace of life, and our focus are all new too. So only time will tell, what the real outcome all of this so called advancement will be for us; but to me, I think we are a very mixed up species indeed!