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I get regular emails from America on natural health issues of the day, some being incredibly scary. The levels some states in America seem to have gone to in controlling what can be grown in gardens to not having any choice about your health care and availability of natural products. By that I mean, it would appear people cannot grow their own veg and food in their own gardens, and certainly not call it organic, and the concept of forced vacinations. Some of the things I read are truly unbelievable, and whilst here in the UK we tend to follow US trends, I hope no such madness ever crosses the water! The power the drug companies have over in America is frightening, and the latest scare, as I understand it, is needing public support or at least public awareness. I have included the information for you to use if you are interested to find out for yourselves.

The issue at the moment, which is time sensitive is relating to imposing of a medical tyranny which would mean health freedom and Informed Consent would be gone.  You would have no legal rights over your medical care. It is astounding to me that such a proposal has even got to be put down on paper, never mind being an imminent reality.

Have a read for yourselves, as happily to date it doesn’t apply to us over here, but for all you Americans who value natural health and health choices it would appear you are about to lose your rights to all of it.



I hope, if what I read is correct, the new CDC’s Regs are trashed once and for all, but it would appear it needs your help. Good Luck