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15th August is International Relaxation Day – if you have the chance, enjoy your day, taking things easy, keeping calm of mind, and basically taking life at a more relaxed pace than you normally would.

The key to good relaxation is your breath. So keep it simple and think, when you take a breath in, you are making yourself bigger, so expand your abdomen; when you breathe out, you are making yourself smaller, hence pull your tummy in.

Keep the breath long and soft, allowing the lungs to drop down as opposed to being pushed out against the ribs. The diaphragm at the base of the ribcage should flex up and down with that long gentle abdominal breath. It massages the internal organs, creating a deeper level of relaxation and increased inner health. Breathing from the abdomen slows the brain and mind down, it helps them drops down through the gears, so allowing you to clear the mind, putting the brakes on your usually busy mind, so you can experience stillness, calmness, relaxation.

So breathe, enjoy your breath and relax!