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In holistic healing the body has cycles and rhythms. With an injury for example I always apply the cycle of the body healing in three; there days, three weeks, three months for example. When giving a remedial treatment (massage, manipulation, reflexology, cranial osteopathy) the true benefit of the treatment will be realised after three days. During the three day period, many patients feel worse than they did when they came to me in the first place, but by day three, a magical things happens and they are better.

In taking on a new condition to treat, again I usually explain that the body works in a cycle of three, so depending on the length and nature of the condition I am presented with, I would give a programme of three treatments, leaving three days between. But sometimes to be realistic, they need to be looking ahead to have the real benefit in three months having applied some treatments, practiced the stretches and exercises, and implemented any dietary changes that maybe applicable.

The body works on rhythms and cycles on every level. Certain hours of the day and night are indicative of different parts of your body doing their thing. I’ll write on this another time. But needless to say, the more in tune you are with your body and its cycles, the better potential you have to attaining holistic health. And just when you feel you’re there, there will be something else to learn, it’s a fabulous continual learning process.

Everyday we are literally a day older, the body is constantly changing and influenced by other forces, be it food, weather or the environment. And for women, well, there is a huge influence from our hormones which change daily if not weekly, but even more so as we get older. There’s no room for complacency but stacks of room to relax and enjoy our bodies and not fight the process. Be happy and accept our bodies as the living breathing entities they are, we are not designed to remain the same irrespective of age. There isn’t a living breathing thing on the earth that remains the same, we are no exception. All living things have a cycle, and again we are no different. Embrace the challenge to be the best you can be whatever your age, naturally. There’s huge scope of tweaking things for the good within the natural world, it’s a case of finding what works best for you!